In 2012 Massimo Pepe founded Caban Romantic. focusing from the very beginning on two key concepts: the first one being flexibility and maximum support for their clients and the second one concentrating on innovation and attention towards the needs of the market.

The same year, Caban Romantic, born from a vision based on the idea of a contemporary reinterpretation of a passpartout and no season item of clothing as the Caban. The aim was to became a recognizable and successful brand in international markets thanks to this iconic and fashionable items. Considered an innovation on the market Caban Romantic is the first label entirely dedicated to a single and unique item of clothing.
Caban Romantic collections are made for fashionable, chic and stylish women.

Contemporary and modern, the collections are in line with trends and appropriate for different occasion. Craftmanship, attention to details, exclusivity and originality are embedded into Caban Romantic. The brand pays attention to the needs of all women who do not want to give up on expressing their appeal and charm.

DNA of the collections are precious materials combined to fabrics such as tulle and lace. Caban Romantic is known for its timeless eclectic appeal, for his precious textures and for its custom made components that satisfy the needs of the contemporary woman.

The production is entirely handmade, result of a manufacturing deeply rooted in the craftsmanship of collaborations with external laboratories and remains controlled directly by the company in order to protect the authenticity of the creations. Behind each model, many work hours are hidden, revealing the couture approach of the brand.

Caban Romantic places itself between the main internationally recognized luxury boutiques, both in Italy and abroad. The list of multibrand which have a remarkable selection of Caban includes important names, all in line with the placement goals of the brand. From L'eclaireur in Paris to Giò Moretti in Milan and H Lorenzo in Los Angeles. The targeted distribution is made on the main reference markets looking towards Europe, Japan, United States and Emirates.

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